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From London to Ulaanbaatar while going through  Czech Republic Turkey Iran Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan Russia Mongolia

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Magic in Mongolia

Posted on Sep 11 by

So here we were in Ulaan-Bataar just in time and ready to perform a magic show for the kids of the Christina Noble Fondation. This great NGO brings help and support to destitute...

The Pamir Video

Posted on Sep 2 by

Here is a movie about the Pamir crossing we made with five other vehicules. It has been realized by Dan Murphy ( As it is one of our best memories of the...

From Kyrgyzstan to the mongol border…

Posted on Aug 31 by

When we arrived in Kyrgyzstan after the descent of our famous pass over 4650m high, we had to make choices because time was running out. And yes, we had to account for at least...

Off Road Travelers on the Web !

Posted on Aug 31 by

47 days after our departure from Bodiam Castle in England , we’ve arrived in Ulan Bator on all four wheels! But before you can read the epilogue of our adventure (which...

(Français) Les montagnes du Pamir

Posted on Aug 16 by

We have arrived at a stage of our journey : the passage from large hot deserts to snow-capped Pamir mountains. We leave Uzbekistan to rally the capital of Tajikistan , Dushanbe ,...

The Silk Road

Posted on Aug 16 by

We really have been expecting this country as it is the most famous area of the mythic Silk road. For this reason it is also the most visited country of Central Asia, and lot of...

Door of hell !

Posted on Aug 9 by

It is now time to drive for 2 days, in order to reach Ashgabat from Tehran. Just before the border between Iran and Turkmenistan, we stop to wash our car. Actually, on top of all...

Persian letters

Posted on Aug 6 by

The recommendations and advice we have collected from other travelers about the roads and the Iranian driving were confirmed as soon as we arrived in Maku where we spent the first...

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